Thanks for coming to our Fall Equinox Celebration

September 28th, 2010

We had a fantastic time!  Thanks to all the speakers who showed up and held their classes for the most part on time.  That’s a hard thing to accomplish at times!  We had so much food, we couldn’t eat it all.  We all had a lot of food to take home.  No one left hungry.  During the rite we had the leading edge of a cold front come through and all the rain went around us.  Oh we had a few people get very worried, but we were not interrupted by rain, but the Sky gods gave us quite a lightning show!

The park staff was wonderful and very helpful.  The site was awesome to say the least.  A great fire ring with benches, a wash station, a nice pavilion with lights.  Tent platforms looked like little zen gardens because the park staff had meticulously racked the sand in them.  These people here at Lake Houston Wilderness Park rock on so many levels.

We wish everyone who had rsvp’d on Facebook could have shown, but we did have a very good turn out of nearly 20 people during the day.

On a final note, I have put the Omen up on the “Notes of the Seer” page for everyone’s viewing.

Thanks again for coming out,


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